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How to block Facebook, Twitter, Youtube on Mikrotik – Techonia In case you want to block access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other websites, it is easy to do this job on Mikrotik RouterOS.You can use either web proxy or directly from firewall rule to block websites. According to Mikrotik Wiki, you can block users from accessing websites using content option in Mikrotik Firewall rule.One rule per content you want to block. How to Block Facebook or Set Time Limits for Usage How to Block Facebook. Do you want to block Facebook and other sites, like Pinterest or YouTube, on your computer, to avoid these distractions for you, your team at work, or your ten year old? Read this article to find out how to block Facebook or create time rules for usage, in a very simple way. Here’s How to Block Political Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Mar 31, 2020

Block Facebook & Youtube on MikroTik Router - Multiple For this reason, as being an IT administrator, you have decided to block Youtube and Facebook for all users and keep it open to you. Your tasks are: Create Layer 7 protocol pointing on Facebook & Youtube Apply the firewall filter in a way that Facebook & Youtube are blocked for everyone (except you) and all other traffics are open Block Facebook - Chrome Web Store

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