Does your ipod touch give off radiation when wifi is off If i jail break my ipod touch, can i access the internet without connecting to a wifi network? Can the ipod touch 4g give you any problems like cancer? Why is youtube on my new generation ipod touch slower than my old ipod touch? Does wifi expose us to radiation? How much radiation from touch screen? How much emr radiation does an ipod emit? no wifi or bluetooth - iPod Touch 3rd Generation - iFixit In answer to your question I think the wifi, bluetooth and antennea for both are all connected to the logicboard and not replaceable as a separate unit. But I may be wrong. I'm hoping that maybe some water/liquid might have crossed some connections and a good alcohol bath might fix the issue. Does iPod Touch Have GPS? - App Sliced

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2019-3-30 · The feature is not available in all areas. Known Wi-Fi networks are predominantly in urban areas. In order to provide your location, data is collected in a form that does not personally identify you. If you do not want such data collected, do not enable the feature. Not enabling the feature will not impact the functionality of your iPod touch. Which iPod models have Bluetooth? - Quora Wikipedia shows that iPod Touch started supporting Bluetooth starting from the 2nd Generation with iOS 3.0, while iPod Nano began support on 7th Generation.

The iPod touch comes with the ability to connect to wifi built in, but you need to get broadband and a Wifi Router to connect to. The i-touch does come with wifi, well at least the upgraded ones

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