3M™ Swab-Sampler with 1 mL Letheen Broth RS9601LET, 100

Buffered Peptone Water contains a mixture of peptones that encourage optimal growth of the species sought in food microbiology and in particular Salmonella. The pH is maintained at 7.0 by the presence of a phosphate buffer. Also Available In: 6 x 225ml Bottles (Ref. 42043) 3 x 3Liter Bags (Ref. 42629) 100 x 9ml Tubes (Ref. 42111) 6 x 90ml Tubes (Ref. 42042) Difco™ Buffered Peptone Water, Pre-enrichment, BD | VWR Difco™ Buffered Peptone Water, Pre-enrichment is used for preenriching injured Salmonella species from food specimens to increase recovery. Nonselective medium; Maintains a high pH over the preenrichment period; These preenrichment media contain peptone as a source of carbon, nitrogen, vitamins and minerals. Sodium chloride maintains the 3M BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER ISO, - nelsonjameson.com

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3M BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER ISO, $196.79 per PA. Qty. Email a Friend Request Product Data View SDS. Specifications. SKU: 3513207 . Mfr #: BPW025 . Sold By: PA . Availability: Usually Ships in 7-10 Days. 3M BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER ISO, 2.5 KG PAIL MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - Spectrum Chemical MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Section 1. Company Identification and Product Information Product Name or Identity: Peptone Water Manufacturer’s Name: Acumedia Manufacturers, Inc. Emergency Phone No.: 517/372-9200 740 East Shiawassee Fax No.: 517/372-0108 Lansing, Michigan 48912 e-mail: foodsafety@neogen.com CRITERION Buffered Peptone Water - for the recovery of

Buffered Peptone Water. 3M ID 70200753286. UPC 50707387576146. 3M ID 70200753286. UPC 50707387576146. Quantity. 100/case. Product Type. Hydrated Sponge. Volume (Metric) 10 mL. 3M™ Hydrated-Sponge with Buffered Peptone Water Broth (PDF) 3M…

Buffered Peptone Water ISO Use Only. Material Safety Data Sheet available. DESCRIPTION Used as a diluent or for the non-selective enrichment of microorganisms from food and environmental samples. PREPARATION OF MEDIUM Buffered Peptone Water ISO 3 Product Instructions 3M Health Care 2510 Conway Ave St. Paul, MN 55144 USA www.3M.com 3M™ Flip-Top Dilution Bottle with 90 mL Buffered Peptone The 3M™ Flip-Top Dilution Bottle is a leak-resistant plastic cylinder with a flip-open lid that seals securely for safe shipping and handling. The Buffered Peptone Water Broth achieves pH specification of 7.0 ± 0.2 and is an ideal diluent for food, beverage, and … SAFETY DATA SHEET BUFFERED PEPTONE WATER