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Sep 24, 2019 What do icons in folder OneDrive status column mean Apr 16, 2018 What do icons on Facebook Messenger mean?

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Jun 04, 2016 · Twitter icons meaning: I may be the only one on the planet who doesn't understand the meaning of the current Twitter icons, but really, I don't understand most of them. A Twitter reply icon is an empty ballon? The media icon I kinda get, but the Twitter geo pin icon I don't get.

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Understanding What The Icons Mean The job icons beside the job name are a simple way to know which of you auditions have been reviewed by the client without having to click through each job. Job icons also identify which jobs are Private and Featured. Sync icons may also be seen online in OneDrive will also check for other file or folder changes and may show "Processing changes". If OneDrive shows “Processing changes" for a long time, it could be because you have an online file open, a very large file syncing, a lot of files stuck in a queue. Do not disturb / Busy: Contact manually set their status to Do not disturb (Windows or Mac) or Busy (Linux) and won't receive pop-up notifications for chat or Zoom Phone calls in the Zoom desktop client or mobile app : In a Zoom meeting: Contact has started or joined a Zoom meeting using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app : Presenting Jun 17, 2020 · Learn what the status icons and symbols at the top of your screen mean. Learn what the status icons and symbols at the top of your screen mean. Global Nav Open Menu What do the circle icons mean? I'm a premium subscriber and I'm trying to download a playlist. Some of the songs have blue circles with a check mark and some have green circles with a down arrow. What do they mean? NVM. Took some work but finally figured them out and got them all downloaded (gre Aug 12, 2015 · Icons along the bottom of the network status window will also let you turn off Wi-Fi or enter airplane mode should the need arise. When you're encountering internet problems, often right-clicking Aug 26, 2019 · Camera Status Icons Sound detection. If this icon is light gray, sound detection is disabled in the camera's currently selected mode. If the icon is black, sound detection is enabled. If the icon is orange, the camera is currently detecting sound. Motion detection.