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Social Networks | Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF works to expose issues with social networks as soon as they emerge from the leaking of information to advertisers or the policies of the sites themselves. EFF helps savvy users better understand how to strengthen their privacy online and opt out of information sharing. Privacy Issues News -- ScienceDaily Jul 09, 2020 Professional And Ethical Issues In Social Networking

Social media is possibly the most vital sector of the Internet, but, being open and social creates legitimate concerns about privacy and safety. Headlines warning of online security breaches are just one reminder of the vulnerability of all websites, including social media outlets. Six Common Security Problems

In this post we discuss some of the main privacy issues that characterize the use of social media. Since the topic is really broad, the aim is just to give an overview of the possible risks and make the reader aware of the fact that privacy and social network usability are two conflicting objectives . Privacy On Social Media & Issues To Navigate - BrandYourself May 23, 2018

Privacy Issues in Social Networking and Social Media

Mar 12, 2019 A recent history of Facebook security and privacy issues