How to turn on private browsing on iPhone or iPad. Open Safari. Tap the pages icon (two overlapping squares) at the bottom right. Tap Private.

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How Can I Know What Websites Someone Visited on an iPhone

Whenever, the Private Browsing mode is in operation the screen turns dark. Activating, the Private Mode application on the iPhone in the iOS 7 format is achieved by selecting the Settings Icon placed at the top of the home screen. Turn on Private Browsing on the iPad. Enter the Safari browser. How to Turn on Private Browsing on the iPhone - Tech Spirited Most web browsers available on the iOS have a private browsing mode that lets you access the Internet without leaving any traces on your phone. Here’s how you can enable private browsing on your iPhone running on iOS 7. Private Browsing in Safari

Tip: How To Turn On Private Browsing Mode On The IPhone

How to Turn off Private Browsing on iPhone 1 What's Private Browsing on iPhone. Private browsing protects your password, login information from being saved by Safari. It acts as a sieve which restricts Safari from tracking your search behavior or registering your visited websites as a part of history. How To Turn On The iPhone 5 - How To Turn Off The iPhone 5 Oct 02, 2012 How to Turn Off Private Browsing in iOS 7 - Live2Tech Nov 11, 2013 Disable or Turn Off InPrivate Browsing in Internet Nov 02, 2017